York Region needs to provide an integrated, efficient and timely public transit system.  I am committed to:

  • Speak out loudly and firmly for Yonge Street subway extension funding to Richmond Hill as a priority

  • Support a change in Mobility Plus so that those with a physical or functional disability are not required to make unreasonable transfers, wait extended times for buses or be dropped off at the Toronto border without assistance

  • Find ways to save money by integrating VIVA and York Region Transit

  • Insist that York University students travelling from York Region to campus should not have to transfer or pay a TTC fare

  • Ensure that VIVA construction plans take the new Go Train electrification into account

  • Ensure that if transit is uploaded to a GTA-wide body or the province, York Region and Richmond Hill do not lose control to Toronto politicians

  • Support allowing low-income seniors to ride public transit for free during off-peak hours

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