I will not accept that the worst commute time in North America is the best that we can do in the GTA.  As Regional and Local Councillor, I am committed to:

  • Speak out loudly and firmly for Yonge Street subway extension funding to Richmond Hill as a priority

  • Fight to keep right turn lanes and right turns on Yonge Street where VIVA Next is being built

  • Encourage York Region Police to redirect resources from speed traps on major regional roads to traffic enforcement on residential roads where too many people speed and ignore stop signs

  • Propose and vote for state-of-the-art smart traffic signals that know where backup is and work to correct it, like those currently being tested in the City of Toronto

  • Advocate for the provincial government to widen the 404 north of 16th Avenue and fix the bottleneck over the 401 where the 404 meets the DVP

  • Support inexpensive paved bike lanes beside sidewalks on regional roads where there is space, such as 16th Avenue and Major MacKenzie, including links over the highway to Markham. They would replace grass, not traffic lanes, and get bikes off the road.

  • Support large, 40km/h speed humps on major residential roads, but only when the residents living on the road want them

  • Richmond Hill is already planning to build a bridge over the railroad tracks on Elgin Mills; I will advocate to speed up the timeline as much as possible


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