Town Services

We all pay property taxes. Even those who rent are paying it through their landlord. Many Town services are excellent and provide good value, but some of them need improvement. I am committed to ensuring that Richmond Hill residents get good services across the entire Town, including:

  • Ensure that windrow removal (the snow left at the bottom of your driveway by the snow plow) is timely for seniors.

  • Ensure that contractors who repair roads and sidewalks, plant trees and plow roads are not only the lowest price, but also good quality.

  • Allowing, only if the local residents want them, 40 km/h speed humps on major roads where people are speeding and/or ignoring stop signs.

  • Reviewing the 3 hour residential street parking limits across the Town and allowing different rules in different neighbourhoods where warranted, instead of the current one-size-fits-all policy.

  • Create drop-in programs for seniors and stop charging existing seniors' groups to use town space that already provide such a service.

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