I’ve lived in Richmond Hill since 1987. It has grown to become an exciting community with the most educated residents in Canada, dozens of languages spoken and successful local and international entrepreneurs. This growth has made Richmond Hill more fun, more interesting and more successful. With growth, though, comes growing pains.

As Regional and Local Councillor, I want to use my experience in business, knowledge of municipal government and passion for our community to build on our strengths and work on our weaknesses so that Richmond Hill can both grow and retain its community spirit.

On the bright side, we have a beautiful new trail and splash pad at Lake Wilcox, with a new park coming at the David Dunlap Observatory. Public transit is improving and all levels of government have put money into bringing the subway to Richmond Hill. Richmond Hill has a world-renowned high-tech sector and the Town organizes exciting conferences for inventors and investors. There are good reasons to be proud of Richmond Hill.

But there are also areas that need improvement. Traffic clogs our roads and construction during busy hours often make the problem worse. The historic downtown needs to be a nicer place to walk and shop again. Meanwhile, our tax rates get pushed upward as governments work to fix these problems. There are reasons to be concerned, but I know that these problems can be fixed.

If you elect me as Regional and Local Councillor, I am committed to:

  • Work on making your commute faster

  • Use business experience to bring new ideas and find savings

  • Oppose unnecessary tax increases

  • Improve downtown Richmond Hill & Oak Ridges

  • Support Police to ensure safe neighbourhoods

  • Ensure value and quality municipal services

  • Support better public transit

  • Ensure that growth is sustainable

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