Richmond Hill has some of the best parks and natural spaces in the GTA. We have also succeeded in diverting a high percentage of our waste from garbage dumps. In the Rotary Club, I have been the lead on planting trees on the Oak Ridges Moraine. As a lawyer, I helped the David Dunlap Observatory Defenders protect a large percentage of the observatory lands from development. In addition to the good work already being done by our Town, I am committed to:

  • Maintain our existing parks and natural spaces for future generations and ensure that new developments include sufficient green space

  • Encourage more recycling for local businesses

  • Support incentives for industrial buildings to improve insulation

  • Support inexpensive paved bike lanes off the roads beside sidewalks on regional roads where there is space, such as 16th Avenue and Major MacKenzie, including a link to Markham

  • Support improved public transit so that people have less reasons to drive

  • Ensure that trees removed by the Town on residential roads are replaced at the earliest opportunity

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