Development and Planning

In the next term of Council, by 2022, York Region is required to adopt a new official plan. The process will take place under new planning rules, with no Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") to overrule municipalities. The province requires us to prepare a plan where York Region as a whole will grow by over half a million people by 2041, increasing our population by about 50%. Richmond Hill must add about 40,000 in the next 12 years. We need to ensure that our Regional and Local Councillor understands planning issues and can speak with knowledge and authority on behalf of Richmond Hill. Otherwise, we may lose out compared to other municipalities. I am committed to:

  • Ensure that we plan for growth that is supported by sufficient roads, sewers, water and other infrastructure

  • Support planning that is based on evidence and facts

  • Require that new developments pay their fair share for roads, sewers, water and other infrastructure

  • Call on regional staff to respond to approved applications in a timely manner. If approved development is delayed, the collection of development charges that we need to fund infrastructure investments will also be delayed

  • Recommend a triage system for building permits and other applications to the Region and Town, where simple applications can be reviewed first

  • Support more affordable housing, including legalizing basement apartments that comply with the Building Code, fire safety regulations and have enough parking.  This would also help seniors who could use the rental income to stay in their homes.

  • Advocate to keep major growth out of mature neighbourhoods.  It should, instead, be along major roads and near transit hubs where we have the infrastructure to support it

  • Protect parks, forests and the Oak Ridges Moraine from development 


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