Community Building

Richmond Hill's population has doubled in the last 20 years.  We are projected to add another 42,000 people by 2031.  As our population grows, we need to ensure that our local community remains vibrant and friendly.  I am committed to:

  • Proposing free seniors drop-in times at community centres where they can socialize.  Existing seniors' groups should not have to pay to provide similar programs during low-use times

  • Ending the new practice of charging community organizations rent for old, historic buildings that would otherwise be empty

  • Ensuring that our cultural events include those working on mental health strategies

  • Supporting the creation of a mixed-use arts and cultural hub in York Region

  • Involving more community groups in our town events

  • Simplifying the process of renting community centre spaces

  • Making it easier to book a last-minute rental at a community centre

  • Ensuring that people in the Town's volunteer database who do not show up without warning are removed

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