I’m a passionate member of the Liberal Party of Canada and I want to make positive changes for our community, where I have lived for over 20 years.  That is why I am running to be the first MP to represent the new riding of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.

I’ve spent the past 15 years as a Liberal volunteer, championing renewal, improving communications and working to ensure grass roots policy ideas reach the national table.  As your Liberal candidate and future MP, I will show the same commitment to open and transparent politics.

I also have a proven record outside the Liberal Party of raising money for charities, working with local organizations and establishing my own successful law firm.  I will bring the same dedicated leadership and results for our community.

We have worked hard over the years to build and improve our country.  In Justin Trudeau, we have a leader who can stop Harper’s Conservatives by winning the hearts and minds of Canadians.  I want to make sure that you, your families and your neighbours are well represented on his team in Ottawa.

If you’d like to support me for the Liberal nomination, please join the Liberal Party by clicking here to go to the Liberal website.