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“Jason has been active in the Liberal Party, both federally and provincially, for over a decade.  With his legal background, community involvement and dedication to hard work, I feel strongly that he is the ideal Liberal candidate for the new riding of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.” Minister Helena Jaczek, M.P.P., Oak Ridges-Markham

“Jason’s involvement and experience within the party and his roles with the riding associations in this area have given him the grassroots knowledge and experience to truly represent the Liberals with a great understanding of the people he is serving.” Tim Jones –  Former, Mayor, Aurora

“Imagine a brand new Dad and a “Full-time” lawyer with his own business making the time to do his civic duty by being a panelist for the local election! Thank you Jason. We need more people like you in the world.” Brenda Hogg – Regional and Local Councillor, Richmond Hill

“As a long-time executive member of both the provincial and federal Newmarket-Aurora riding associations, which included running twice as a provincial candidate, I came to know Jason well as our regional representative. I have been impressed by his genuine commitment to engaging with our Liberal community, and his support for building the presence of our riding associations. I am confident Jason has the talent, sincerity and connectedness needed to win Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill for the Liberals and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy.”  Christina Bisanz,  Ward 7 Councillor Elect, Newmarket

“I have known Jason for many years and have had the privilege of his legal expertise, both personally and professionally. Jason was retained by the David Dunlap Observatory Defenders (DDOD) to represent our organization at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). With Jason’s superb counsel, we were able to help defend the tenets of the mediated settlement, which saw 111 acres out of a total of 189 acres of Dunlap land, including all the identified heritage on-site buildings, protected and conserved. The DDO Defenders are forever in Jason’s debt for his diligent work as our attorney. Jason’s dedicated work in assisting our organization in realizing a hard-fought dream to bring this land safely into public hands will always stand as a mark of notable excellence. Jason is a personable, intelligent man whose patience, knowledge and understanding would serve Richmond Hill well as our Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill MP.” Karen Cilevitz – Ward 5 Councillor, Richmond Hill

“I am pleased to support Jason Cherniak’s campaign for the Liberal nomination in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. Jason has been a wonderful colleague and friend over the years. He has not only supported my own development within the Liberal Party, culminating in my serving as President of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, but has provided similar support to many other women as the President of the Richmond Hill Liberals and an executive member of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario).” Melanie Hickey, Immediate Past President, Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission

“I have known Jason for many years as both a Liberal and as a local lawyer. He is involved in his community and well known, with many friends in local governments across York Region. You can always count on Jason to attend community events, volunteer his time and offer smart, creative ideas. My friend Jason is the right candidate for the new riding of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.” Jack Heath – Deputy Mayor, Markham

“I have known Jason for many years and can attest to his commitment, dedication and passion for politics and for advancing the public interest. I look forward to seeing him in Parliament.” The Honourable Bryon Wilfert, P.C. – Past Member of Parliament, Richmond Hill

“In the days after the May 2nd election Jason was one of the few voices in the media rallying Liberals to stand together when others were musing about our imminent demise. He made sure every Liberal member was invited to and included in regional outreach meetings, bringing new volunteers to the party and taking the first steps to making us an inclusive, grassroots party. As the Liberal Party continues to grow, adapt and win back Canadians I know Jason will work to make our party more open and communicate the message we need to win back Canada.”
Ryan Barber – Liberal Riding President, Simcoe North

“Jason has been my business and personal lawyer for many years. Whether restructuring my multi-million dollar business or representing me in court, he has proven that he is smart, sharp and quick on his feet.  When a person close to me had serious legal problems and could not afford to pay, Jason represented her for free and resolved the problem.  I am confident that Jason will make an excellent MP – the only negative is that I will lose my lawyer.” – Business Owner

“As a new business owner needing legal advice, it truly is refreshing to have an attorney who understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

“I have found Jason Cherniak’s dedication in serving my unique challenges as a business owner and entrepreneur very reassuring. He has always provided solid business and legal advice.

“I have seen first-hand how he manages his own business, in which he wears many hats, not just as a lawyer, but technical support, a financial role and mentor to his staff. As a Chartered Accountant and a client, I am very confident in recommending my business clients to Jason.  I am just as confident in recommending Jason as a Member of Parliament.  We need people like him Ottawa!” – Anu Rana – Partner, Chan Rana LLP

“It is my pleasure to endorse Jason’s candidacy for the Liberal Party of Canada nomination for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. I have known and worked with Jason over the years and respect his commitment to his community and issues that matter to Canadians. This is evidenced by his hard work and down to earth approach to engaging with Canadians from all walks of life. Jason’s track record makes him a respected Canadian in Ottawa and I am convinced that, with your support, he would be a great asset to not only the Liberal Party of Canada, but also the constituents of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.” Imran Ahmad – Vice-President (French), Liberal Party of Canada (2012-2014)

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